Thursday, January 27, 2011

Closed beta test & new models

You can sign up now for closed beta tests of combat system on 2077 server! Please send an email to Also, include your nickname and an answer to the following questions:

- how long do you play FOnline? (doesn't matter which server),
- what is your combat experience in FOnline?
- why do you want to participate in our test?

We will expect from our testers that they focus on helping us in balancing combat system, as well as report possible bugs. CBT will take few days.

The number of testers will be limited. Players chosen by us will be sent an email just before the closed beta test with additional info. We will contact with testers via IRC and in-game. CBT will most likely start in second half of February 2011.

As promised, today we show you few models that will be used in our mod. We do not show all, however; you will find others on your own :)

Models come from NMA and all credit for creating them goes to: x'il, .Pixote., Gr1m Reaper, Mash, Grayswandir and Lexx. There is also an old "Lou" model from Fallout 1 which you should remember well.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New features: hotkeys and special items. First CBT coming soon!

We would like to present you some of new features on 2077 server, mostly involving combat:
- autoaim modes,
- reload hotkey,
- stimpak hotkey,
- autorun,
- mechanics of Motion Sensor,
- mechanics of Stealth Boy.

See our video below:

There are more such interesting items as Motion Sensor - we are going to show you some of them, and let you discover rest of them by yourself when OBT starts.

There will be a small Closed Beta Test on 2077 server in late February 2011. About 15-25 players will be invited to it. As we realise that proper balancing of combat takes much time, it will be focused on PvP only. We want to test and make changes (if needed) to:
- weapons, their damage, range and other properties,
- ammo modificators,
- resists and thresholds of armors,
- combat perks and traits,
- critical tables.

If you are an experienced player of FOnline and you are able to report bugs and balance issues effectively, we can probably use your help. However, don't ask us for it yet - details will be announced in a week or two, then you can apply. Right now, few testers are testing weapons and armors so we can start CBT with some basic PvP system.

Thanks for visiting our devblog, don't miss the next update! We'll show you some of additional player/NPC models that we put in the game.