Thursday, December 30, 2010

Q&A again

Q: How much left till Open Beta Test?

A: Several months. We would like to make the server open in second quarter of 2011. However, the exact date might be later, all depends on the intensity of our work and some random things.

Q: How many NPC factions will be in game?

A: Those which you know from Fallout 1. Also those, which were only mentioned in game. Examples: the Vipers and the Jackals will be additional raider factions and will have their own camps.

Q: Will large Radscorpions be back?

A: Yes, whatever the question was.

Q: Can I play as a ghoul or super mutant?

A: Yes. You will be to able choose one of three ghoul models, and one of two Super Mutant models (there will be three Super Mutant models in game). We know that for some players it might be strange to see Super Mutant in Junktown or Hub, but we don't want to limit players. If they want to play as Super Mutant or a ghoul, why not. However, we haven't decided bonuses for playing as another race, yet.

Q: What can you do with cars besides driving them?

A: You can install few types of upgrades, if you manage to find parts and have enough skill to do it (or pay someone who will install it for you). Upgrades affect such things as speed and fuel consumption. You can also steal cars, but if you fail to do so, you risk switching alarm on - it's so loud that it will surely make car's owner not satisfied. Also, you can remove the lock or install it back. Repairing your car might be a bit of problem, so better find a friend who is a good at fixing things, or expect to pay much for repair.

Q: Do you have a full set of developers?

A: Yes, I always have one in my pocket.

Q: Do you have any idea about what you're doing?

A: We don't know. But then again, who does?

Q: Will AmmoMod have anything common with 2077 game mechanics?

A: Its author.

Q: Can I use custom interface while playing the game?

A: Sure. We will also add Scope Interface as soon as someone makes it for all resolutions like: 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1280x800 and lets us place it in game as default for aiming. Unfortunately, using tools like FOCD will be prohibited and rewarded with permanent ban. By the way, as mentioned before, AlwaysRun function is already in game.

Q: How many "lulzy" things, like in Fallout 2, will be in game?

A: None.

Q: How can I help? Are you looking for modders?

A: If you can make maps for FOnli... well, if you can make AWESOME maps for FOnline, then we could use your help. Also, we need few people that can make good English dialogues for NPCs and know a lot about Fallout 1 and Fallout canon.

Q: Will the server be heavily moderated due to its RP nature, or it will be just another Free-For-All arena for powerbuilds?

A: I've read somewhere that "every roleplay-mandated world is essentially going to have to be a fascist state". As it's true somehow, our server will be moderated, yes. Character nicknames will have to fit into Fallout world. Exploiting well-known and described bugs will be forbidden, as well as insulting not player's character in game, but the player himself, spamming chat to make it unreadable and other shit which no one likes. Players will be warned, then banned. If the player was invited by someone else, sanctions might apply to both of them - especially in a case of an attempt to register second char or dual log.

Q: How are you going to verify characters?

A: After you register your character, you will have to write an email to us with the story of your character and answers to several questions. Your character will be not playable until it is accepted. When it is, you can just enter activation code and choose your character's model. Then, you can play.

As always, we'll present you a small feature - if you were worried about the fact that player names will not be visible over their heads, this should assure you that it will be not as annoying as it sounds:

If more questions bother you, just write us an email to It will be answered in some time.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some of new features

We have nearly completed the rework of the traits and perks. There will be at least 15 fully working Traits and 60 Perks in total. See few examples of them below:

Night Person (Trait)
As a night-time person, you are powerful when the sun goes down. All of your primary statistics are improved at night, but dulled during the day. You get a -1 modifier to these statistics from the hours of 6:01 AM to 6:00 PM. You get a +1 modifier to these statistics from the hours of 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Kamikaze (Trait)
By not paying attention to any threats, you can act a lot more effectively in combat. You deal +10% damage to your opponents, but they ignore your Armor Class when they are attacking you.

Adrenaline Rush (Perk)
SPECIAL Requirements: ST 6, EN 6
Level Requirements: min. 6, max. 24
Levels of perk: 1
You feel the pressure of the blood when they hit you. When your Hit Points fall to 75% or less, you gain +1 Action Point, +2 Strength and +10% Damage Resistance. This works only in combat.

Dodger (Perk)
SPECIAL Requirements: AG 6, LK 5
Level Requirements: min. 6, max. 24
Levels of perk: 2
You can't be hit so easily in combat, if you have this Perk. Every level of this Perk will make maximum chance to be hit lower by 5% (90% with one level of Dodger, 85% with two levels of Dodger).

Earlier Sequence (Perk)
SPECIAL Requirements: AG 6, LK 5
Level Requirements: min. 6
Levels of perk: 1
You gain +10 Sequence. Also, this perks disables one level of Dodger, if your target has any.

Sequence (Statistics)
Makes you aim better when acting as first in combat.

Note: as you probably got used to the fact that Armor Class changes very little in FOnline, it will not be in case here.

We did also a lot of other things, but we'll show them later. As always, a little bonus for you - this time from Bob, who has a small car store. You can buy some real beauties from him and travel through the wasteland with style!

And a small but useful - a flare that makes location visible for all nearby wastelanders. Particularly useful when you are in trouble (or when you are looking for trouble):

Be patient...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2077 announced!

Hello. We would like to announce our FOnline:2077; we'll post some question and answers to help you understand what is 2077 project and uncover some of its details.

Q: What is 2077? Why 2077 and not 2184 or 2382?

A: 2077 is a temporary name of the project. As we already agreed on its final name, we will use "2077" till its release, probably. Then we'll use final name.

Q: When and where will the game take place?

A: California, approximately at the time that Vault Dweller was born.

Q: It is another clone of TLA?

A: No, it will be something much different. Almost every aspect of the gameplay will be reworked heavily.

Q: What kind of server will 2077 be?

A: We want to create a roleplay server, which will be settled in Fallout 1 world and where English will be used as primary language.

Q: What about other languages?

A: We cooperate with translation team - they will translate as much content as they can to Polish language, but still, English will be as primary language and no one will be forced to use Polish translation. Also, Cyryllic nicknames or chat will be disabled.

Q: How many characters can one player use? How are you going to deal with alts?

A: Only one character per person will be allowed. The registration of new characters will be closed and only verified characters will be allowed to play. Of course, some players will try to cheat us and use more than one character, but we already know how to deal with that. By the way: such attempts will be risky, timeconsuming and generally, not worth the effort.

Q: Only one character?! Oh, what the fuck? And when I hit level cap, then..

A: You won't, because there will be no maximum level. Still, the ammount of experience points needed for every additional level will be higher than what you are used to. And there will be no 999 HP characters, as the number of hit points will be capped at some level, but you will be still able to gain skill points and perks. There will be also diminishing experience after you kill hordes of a critter of one type, but don't worry; it will be rather a small loss of experience gained per killed critter.

Q: And what about perks and traits?

A: Most of them are being reworked. We want to balance them so there will be no useless or "must-have" traits/perks. Same with SPECIAL system: we will try to introduce some solutions to powerbuilds with CH 1, LK 1 or other extremely low stats. In general, any part of SPECIAL lower than 3-4 will make some veery bad things happen to your character. Also, we are aware of the fact that some players would try to grind high-exp critters 24 hours a day, trying to make 999-leveled terminator character filled with deadly perks - and we already have the solution for it.

Q: What about custom models for characters?

A: Upon creation of your character, you will be allowed to choose one from about 30-40 models, mainly known from Fallout 1 and Fallout 2. As only several of them have full sets of animations, you need to be aware of disadvantages which every model has. We will help you with that, posting a nice guide with a list of what can be done and what can't, with every model. After you start playing, changing your character model will be very restricted, so you need to choose wisely.

Q: Can I use 3d models too?

A: There will be no 3d models in our mod.

Q: You said that it will be roleplay server. Any details?

A: Yes, as you would expect, you are supposed to play the role of your character. You can be a simple traveller, a bandit, a gambler, a junkie addicted to everything, a thief, a cold-blooded murderer, a doctor, a mechanic, a trader, a banker, a savior of souls, a guard and other. L33T language will be not tolerated. Every player can use "out of character chat" to say something not related to his character and gameplay. Players using well-known and reported exploits, or just focused on disrupting gameplay of others, will be banned; they can do it somewhere else. We want to keep healthy community on our server.

Q: What about cooldowns, world map speed, crafting, gathering?

A: We don't like waiting. We want worldmap speed to not make you press ALT-TAB and watch youtube_dot_com. We won't make replication timer 3 or 5 minutes long; instead of it, you will have to complete a simple task to get out of the "respawn" or "replication center" or whatever you call it. There will be no crafting and gathering cooldowns. You will be able to craft only simple stuff, and to gather materials, you will have to scavenge them. Still, we will make sure that you can make some money out of it and exchange them to what you need.

Q: What about armors and weapons?

A: The most effective armor available to players will be the metal armor. You will be able to find some other armors or robes (like black robes) or even an epic blue jumpsuit - as blue jumpsuit will NOT be the default model. But don't expect it too often. Upon starting OBT, basic weapons (Fallout 1 set) will be available in game. When we have them balanced, we will introduce new stuff. However, you should not expect Power Armors or Advanced Power Armors. Hi-tier weapons like Pulse rifles or Vindicator miniguns will be not available, or extremely rare.

Q: If you can craft only basic stuff, what will be the source of your equipment?

A: Traders (PC and NPC) and encounters. Encounters will be different: larger and more interesting. Shops will have unlimited stock, so don't worry - others won't buy everything before you. You will be able to obtain items easy, as unfortunately - every time you die, you lose all you carry with you.

Q: Well, but I can hoard lots of items in my tent or base, ok?

A: We don't plan to introduce any "hidden" locations, like tents or faction bases. There will be places where you can put you items safely, without paying for that. As they will have limited capacity, you will not be able to stash 1000 armors and weapons there. We won't create many locations, but instead of it, we want to fill up smaller number of locations with life and players.

Q: What about Town Control, preview, reputation?

A: There will be no Town Control mechanics at all. Who stays in the town and has proper value of Karma, controls it. Or whatever they call it. And no preview. We will deal with grid-camping the other way. Instead of reputation for every town/faction, there will be global Karma. For doing good things and killing bad guys, you will gain it. For being an asshole, you will lose it. NPC and guards reaction will be based on it. People from peaceful places will support you if you have high Karma, but when you try going to raider hideout, then you will regret it. Quite opposite when your Karma will be extremely low - bandits will respect you, but every civilised human will make you suffer. Or he'll run away.

Q: So, what will be the ultimate goal for players?

A: Depends on their role. We expect some wars between "good" and "bad" characters (due to Karma system), and as wars have their demands, everyone should fit into this world.

Q: Any special items?

A: Whoa, there will be lots of them: useful items of all kinds, no matter if it's a book or stealthboy, mirrored shades or a lighter, it will have its use in a right place and at right time. It will be up to you to discover and use them all!

Q: Tell me about major changes in PvP.

A: No Turn-based anywhere, it will be just disabled. TB-only things like Sequence, or TB-only perks will be reworked or removed. So, all battles will be RT-only. You will be able to run in combat and autorun will be active by default. Of course such things like weapon damage, ranges, ammo statistics, drugs will be reworked. Same with poison and radiation (by the way, radiation will be present everywhere, including worldmap). You will be able to use only few mercenaries, if any. Also, Namecolorizing.txt will not work, as it's in conflict with RP. But as there will be one character per person, you will not have to remember thousands of names. In first closed or open beta test, player names won't be visible above their heads - we want to test if it's good or bad. As many players are interested in PvP, we will do our best to make it entertaining, while keeping roleplay nature of the server and Fallout 1 atmosphere. We are against meta-gaming, so players that love to calculate every single thing and use every single formula will be probably not happy with fact that we're not gonna give details how every thing works.

Q: When will be the first closed beta test and how can I apply?

A: We will make first tests when we will feel that our mod is ready for it. Some people will be invited for it, so don't miss your chance to participate in tests! After few tests, we'll launch open test. Also, you can send your questions about our project to We'll choose some questions and post answers to them next time.

Q: What else do you want to tell us about 2077?

A: There are many things that weren't mentioned above or they are just too big to be described in few short sentences... time will come, we'll tell you more!

A little bonus: