Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Summary of first CBT.

The first closed beta test on 2077 has ended. More than 20 testers selected for CBT participated in the test and during three days, more than 150 various characters were created and played. There were also two events lasting few hours each, where we could test team combat.

The results allowed us to make some changes to characters statistics, weapons and game mechanics. Few further changes are needed to create a well-balanced combat system for our roleplaying server.

Thanks to all testers - you all helped us much and without you, various tests wouldn't be possible at all. We will do our best to create roleplaying server with decent gameplay experience.

Right now, we'll start working on things other than combat - there is still much to work on. After we complete another large part of game's content, we are gonna to launch another test. Don't forget to visit our devblog from time to time to see what's new - we'll keep informing you about our progress :)

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