Friday, April 1, 2011

A Big Day Tommorow!

After a long and fruitful development process, the FOnline 2077 Team is proud to announce that we are launching the Open Beta tommorow. To play on our server, you will be required to register via a form that is going to appear on this website exactly at 00:00 GMT+1.
To give you a taste of the things to come, here are some key features that we already have implemented:
- a working anti-alt system which was specifically designed to operate with our new and improved character mechanics; only 1 character per player is allowed!
- characters can advance to level 30 and can be tailored to suit your particular needs; now you can choose whether you want to be a mechanic, a scientist or a soldier
- no "jack of all trades" characters to increase realism and force player interaction
- a new and enhanced crafting system based on resource mining and inteligent use of time sinks to prevent flooding the wastes with hi-tech items
- an improved banking system accounting for things like inflation, deflation and stock exchange mood shifts
- over 80 new and exciting perks
- the ability to join both the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave and wield high tech weaponry in our redesigned PvP battlespace, including Powered Armors, Nuclear Grenades, Gauss Support Weapons and more
- a dynamic quest system assigning demanding tasks to player factions on a weekly basis
- an entirely new food mechanic, including starvation, dehydration and food poisoning
... and more!
Of course that doesn't mean we aren't going to add any features in future - expect at least monthly updates based on your feedback on our suggestion forums. We hope you're going to enjoy playing on our server as much as we enjoyed creating it.



  1. is there any forum established for this project yet? Cant wait to try this out...too bad it was propably just another april fools day joke with open beta :(

  2. yeee another joke, how long we be waiting for open beta